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9 points of Wholesale Portable Electric Wheelchairs

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1. Overview of Wholesale Portable Electric Wheelchairs

Portable electric wheelchairs, also known as mobility scooters, are vital assistive devices that provide independence and mobility to individuals with disabilities or mobility impairments. A wholesale portable electric wheelchair refers to purchasing these mobility scooters directly from a manufacturer or distributor in bulk quantities for resale purposes.

Wholesale purchasing allows resellers to buy portable electric wheelchairs at greatly discounted rates compared to individual retail prices. The reseller can then market and sell the mobility scooters to customers at a markup, while still keeping prices low. Many online stores and brick-and-mortar mobility equipment outlets acquire inventory through wholesale bulk buying.

There are extensive options when sourcing wholesale portable electric wheelchairs - from leading global brands to smaller manufacturers, different models and sizes, reconditioned or new condition, and varying wholesale order quantities. Resellers need to thoroughly research and compare factors such as pricing, warranties, customizations, shipping costs, repair services, and expected profit margins when selecting a wholesale supplier.

This comprehensive guide covers key considerations for acquiring and reselling wholesale portable electric wheelchairs. It explains the disability mobility scooter market, provides price ranges, compares major manufacturers, outlines wholesale buying best practices, summarizes regulations, and answers frequently asked questions. Read on for insights into successfully operating a wholesale portable electric wheelchair business.

Key Reasons to Buy Portable Electric Wheelchairs Wholesale

  • Acquire high-quality, branded mobility scooters at substantially lower wholesale rates for resale profit

  • Flexibility to customize and sell wheelchairs with preferred specifications and features

  • Ability to pass on savings and increase affordability for end-users compared to retail prices

  • Establish stable inventory supply and availability by bulk ordering wheelchairs

  • Reduce costs by ordering many units together versus individual purchases

  • Simplify acquiring a range of models, sizes, and styles by wholesale sourcing

  • Gain a competitive edge and higher margins versus other resellers

wholesale portable electric wheelchair

2. Portable Electric Wheelchair Equipment Guide

Portable electric wheelchairs, also known commercially as mobility scooters, are motorized wheelchair alternatives optimized for flexibility and convenience. Below are the equipment types, main components, features, and terminology relevant to wholesale portable electric wheelchairs.

Types of Portable Electric Wheelchairs

Type Description
3-wheeled Compact and maneuverable with better turning capacity
4-wheeled More stable and higher weight capacity but less portable
Travel wheelchairs Foldable, lightweight models for easy transport
Heavy-duty wheelchairs Sturdier frames and motors for heavier individuals
Custom wheelchairs Built or modified to user-specified designs

Main Components of Portable Electric Wheelchairs

Component Function
Frame Provides structure and integrates components
Wheels Determines maneuverability and stability
Motor Powers motion and speed
Batteries Provides mobile electrical supply
Controller Operates acceleration, braking, steering
Seat Secures user safely and comfortably
Tires Impact comfort, traction, and ride quality

Key Features and Specifications

Feature Details
Weights Varies from about 100lbs up to 400lbs
Weight capacity Typical range is 300lbs to 500lbs
Top speed Usually 4mph to 8mph
Travel range Up to 35 miles on a single charge
Charging time 6 hours is typical for full battery charge
Seat dimensions Depth, width, height/elevation adjustability
Portability Foldability, seat detachability, wheel/tire sizes
Additional features Headlights, storage baskets, phone chargers, cup holders, safety flags, customizeable seats, specialty controls for disabilities, etc.

3. Major Wholesale Portable Electric Wheelchair Brands

There are many manufacturers producing portable electric wheelchairs worldwide. The major established brands with a solid presence in the North American wholesale market include:

Pride Mobility

  • Massive selection including travel wheelchairs, heavy duty, bariatric, and luxury models

  • High-end quality with excellent performance and comfortable designs

  • Top wholesale provider with very large production volumes

  • Extensive support network for repairs, service, and parts

Golden Technologies

  • Best wholesale pricing on mid-range and economy portable wheelchairs

  • Diverse range of 3-wheel and 4-wheel power chairs

  • Lightweight, portable models specialized for air travel

  • Customization available such as wheel, seat, and motor upgrades

Drive Medical

  • Budget wholesale prices, affordable basic models

  • Foldable travel scooters highly popular for flying

  • Large catalog covers different weights and performance

  • Mainly standard non-custom wheelchairs at lower costs

Electric Mobility

  • Focus on 3-wheeled portable scooters

  • Specializes in smaller, very compact and lightweight designs

  • Ideal wholesale supplier for highly portable travel models

  • Offer recreational wheelchairs in addition to standard

Amys Systems

  • Unique, modern aesthetic designs

  • Emphasis on comfort, adjustability, and easy maintenance

  • Robust customization options for wholesale orders

  • Higher pricing than average wholesale electric wheelchairs

There are also smaller manufacturers like ShopRider, Buzzaround, and more that can provide wholesale portable electric wheelchairs at lower minimum order quantities.

4. Wholesale Portable Electric Wheelchair Applications

Portable electric wheelchairs sourced wholesale serve diverse applications for improving mobility and independence.

Applications of Wholesale Portable Electric Wheelchairs

Usage Details
Standard daily use For full-time wheelchair users, provides mobility at home, outdoors, shopping, work etc.
Short-term recovery For injured or postoperative patients needing temporary mobility assistance
Elderly users Enables independent mobility for seniors with age-related impairments
Bariatric users Heavy duty models support obesity mobility needs
Children Smaller custom models provide mobility for disabled youth
Travel Lightweight, foldable models for airline and cruise trip mobility
Rentals Providers can rent out wholesale sourced wheelchairs
Government supply VA, medicare etc. can purchase wholesale for patients
Recreational Special models built for hunting, outdoors, beach use, sports

Properly fitted wheelchairs from reputable wholesale sources enhance quality of life across many situations.

5. Wholesale Portable Electric Wheelchair Pricing

Wholesale portable electric wheelchair prices primarily depend on the brand, model, order quantity, customization, and supplier terms. On average, wholesale power chairs range from $800 to $2500 per unit ordered in bulk.

Wholesale Pricing Factors

  • Brand - Major brands cost more than lesser known manufacturers

  • Model - Larger, heavy-duty, or specialty chairs cost more than basic ones

  • Order quantity - The more units ordered, the lower the per unit price

  • Customization - Any upgrades or modifications add to the costs

  • Condition - Reconditioned used models are cheaper than new

  • Warranties - Length of warranty period impacts pricing

  • Shipping - Sellers may charge shipping fees separately

Typical Wholesale Price Ranges

Electric Wheelchair Type Typical Wholesale Unit Price Range
Basic Foldable Travel Model $800 - $1200
Standard 3-wheel/4-wheel models $1000 - $1800
Heavy-Duty Models $1500 - $2000
Custom Wheelchairs $2000 - $2500
Reconditioned Used $500 - $1500

Contact suppliers directly for quoted wholesale pricing based on brand, model, order quantity, and purchase terms.


6. Wholesale Portable Electric Wheelchair Suppliers

Many manufacturers and mobility equipment dealers offer wholesale portable electric wheelchair programs. Below are some reputable wholesale sources to consider across North America.

Wholesale Wheelchair Suppliers

Company Location Contact
Pride Mobility Pennsylvania, USA Phone: 800-800-8586
Golden Technologies Pennsylvania, USA Phone: 800-624-6374
Drive Medical New York, USA Phone: 866-748-6552
Electric Mobility Ontario, Canada Phone: 800-741-2218
SpinLife Ohio, USA Phone: 800-850-0335
Monster Mobility Florida, USA Phone: 800-892-8143
Quickie Wheelchairs Tennessee, USA Phone: 800-831-8580
Sunrise Medical Ontario, Canada Phone: 800-263-3390

When contacting suppliers, inquire about available models, customization options, order quantities, pricing/discounts, warranties, shipping fees, and repair services.

Shop around between several providers to compare wholesale portable electric wheelchair options. Use the supplier locator tool from United Spinal Association and National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association to find more wholesale sources.

7. Buying Wholesale Portable Electric Wheelchairs

Follow these best practices when acquiring portable electric wheelchairs at wholesale supply rates for resale purposes:

Sourcing Checklist

  • Decide the ideal models, order quantities, and price ranges for your target customers and profit goals

  • Thoroughly research multiple manufacturers and wholesale suppliers

  • Get wholesale quotes and catalogs from at least 3-5 suppliers

  • Compare pricing, warranties, customization options, order minimums etc.

  • Ask about available discounts, payment terms, shipping costs and delivery timelines

  • Opt for high-quality recognizable brand names for easier resale

  • Test sample units if possible - inspect condition and performance

  • Start with smaller quantities if this is your first wholesale order

  • Negotiate for the best possible wholesale terms and profit margins

Customization Considerations

  • Opt for customization to provide clients their preferred wheelchair specifications

  • Choose upgrade components like motors, wheels, batteries, seating etc.

  • Accommodate different physical conditions like heavy-duty models for obesity

  • Offer different colors, wheelchair frames, accessories etc.

  • Get personalized logo or store branding added to the wheelchairs

  • Bundle accessories like oxygen holders and canopies to upsell clients

Supplier Relationship Factors

  • Seek reliable manufacturers with responsive customer service

  • Work with suppliers willing to handle product returns/repairs

  • Obtain relevant contact details for queries and support

  • Clearly communicate needs and specifications

  • Request supplier guidance for any regulatory requirements

  • Explore custom branding options to differentiate wheelchairs

  • Foster positive long-term relationships for continued wholesale supply

8. Resale Tips for Portable Electric Wheelchairs

Successful portable electric wheelchair reselling depends on smart operations and sales tactics:

Operational Tips

  • Store inventory in clean, secure, climate controlled warehouses

  • Handle, service, and transport wheelchairs carefully to avoid damage

  • Offer wheelchair assembly, fitting, adjustments for clients

  • Train staff to educate clients and properly fit wheelchairs

  • Provide maintenance, repair, spare parts availability

  • Arrange loaner wheelchairs if repairs are needed

  • Offer purchase financing plans and insurance

  • Have storage and supply of batteries, tires, and accessories

Sales and Marketing Strategies

  • Maintain attractive showroom displays and demo units

  • Utilize digital marketing - website, SEO, social media

  • Advertise in disability publications and community centers

  • Attend handicap conventions and mobility product trade shows

  • Offer discounts and promotions during holiday sales events

  • Market to local hospitals, rehab centers, senior homes etc.

  • Partner with disability employment organizations

  • Capture client data for email/SMS marketing and loyalty programs

Leverage these best practices to maximize sales and profits when reselling wholesale acquired portable electric wheelchairs.

9. Regulations for Wholesale Portable Electric Wheelchairs

Key regulations in the wholesale portable electric wheelchair market involve manufacturing standards, taxation rules, and general business compliance:

  • FDA requirements for design and safety testing

  • Adhering to applicable patents and intellectual property

  • Reporting and paying sales tax in jurisdictions where required

  • Business licenses and operational regulations for wholesale and retail wheelchair sales

  • Importing rules if sourcing wheelchairs overseas

  • Product liability insurance coverage

  • Financing regulations if offering monthly payment plans

  • Data privacy and accessibility compliance

Work closely with compliance attorneys and your suppliers to ensure adherence to all federal, state, municipal, and industry regulations. Implement transparent information security and accessibility policies as well. This ethical approach builds trust and protects your wholesale wheelchair business.


Q: How much inventory should a new reseller start with?

A: 10-20 units of 2-3 fast selling models allows testing wholesale without overcommitting. Scale in phases.

Q: What warranty coverage is typical for wholesale power chairs?

A: Between 12 months to 3 years for parts, service, repairs. Extended options may be purchasable.

Q: Are wholesale suppliers open to first-time buyers?

A: Many happily work with newcomers starting small. Focus on building the relationship.

Q: Can suppliers provide help with promoting the wheelchairs?

A: Co-op advertising support may be negotiable for established resellers.

Q: How quickly do suppliers deliver wholesale orders?

A: Lead times range from 2 weeks to 8 weeks generally. Availability varies.

Q: Can customers test demo electric wheelchairs at my store?

A: Offer test drives for serious buyers. Have liability waivers signed.

Q: Do I need a dealer license to resell wholesale power chairs?

A: Most states don't require licensing. But do check regulations.

Q: What warranty recourse is available for defective units?

A: Suppliers should offer repair or replacement of defective wheelchairs covered under warranty.

Q: Can portable electric wheelchairs be shipped fully assembled?

A: Typically manufacturers ship them unassembled to reduce shipping costs. Some assembly is required.

Q: What are some accessories and add-ons to maximize revenue?

A: Batteries, canopies, oxygen tank holders, cell phone holders, baskets, locks, colors, armrests etc. can all be upsold.