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Baichen Lightweight Portable Motorized Carbon Fibre Wheelchairs BC-ECLD3

Material: Carbon Fibre+Aluminium
Motor: 190W*2 brushless motor
Battery: 5.2ah lithium
Controller: Import 360° joystick
Reverse speed: 0-6km/h
range: 20km
front wheel: 7 inch
rear wheel: 12inch(pneumatic tire)
size(unfold): 92*90*64cm
size(fold): 84*39*64cm
N.W(with battery): 14.5kg
N.W(without battery): 11kg

  • BC-ECLD3

  • Baichen

  1. Compact and Powerful Brushless Motor: Experience a revolutionary design with our compact brushless motor. Uniquely crafted in-house, this motor delivers powerful performance while maintaining a sleek and space-efficient design. Say goodbye to bulk without compromising on power.

  2. Ultra-Compact Lithium-Ion Battery: In the palm of your hand lies the heart of our BC-ECLD3 - a lithium-ion battery weighing a mere 0.8 kg. Despite its compact size, this battery packs a punch, ensuring extended journeys and quick, efficient recharging. Power in the palm, performance on the go.

  3. Carbon Fiber Body Linkage: The BC-ECLD3 features a carbon fiber body linkage that redefines the standards of lightness and strength. Enjoy the benefits of advanced materials, providing a lightweight yet robust frame for enhanced durability and maneuverability.

  4. Light and Strong Carbon Fiber Body Bars: At the core of our design philosophy is the emphasis on lightweight strength. The carbon fiber body bars of the BC-ECLD3 exemplify this commitment, offering unmatched sturdiness without compromising on weight. Move confidently with a wheelchair that defies expectations.