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Baichen Travel Aluminum Alloy Electric Wheelchair BC-EA7001

Motor:Upgrade aluminumalloy300ww*2 Brush
Battery:24V 13Ah Lithium
Charger(Can customize):AC110-240V 50-60H2Output: 24V 
Controller: lmport 360* Joystick
Max Loading:130KG
Charging Time:4-6h
orward Speed:0-8km/h
Reverse Speed:0-8km/h
Tuming Radius:55cm
Climbing Ability:<13°
Driving Distance:20-25km
Front Wheel:8inch (solid)
Rear Wheel:12inch(pneumatic)
Packing Size:68*48*83cm
N.W.(with battery):26KG
N.W.(without battery):23KG

  • BC-EA7001

  • Innovative technology results in maximum efficiency and unrivaled power delivery.
    This BC-EA7001 weighs only 48.5lb in total. In terms of energy efficiency and torque delivery, this alone propels the chair far ahead of other powered wheelchairs.
    The wheels are powered by cutting-edge brushless motors, which outperform brushed motors in other powered chairs. Brushless motors make better use of the power supplied by batteries, resulting in greater torque and energy efficiency.

  • The chair is powered by Soft Pack Polymer Li-ion batteries. They are lighter, safer, and last longer than traditional cylinder Li-ion batteries.

  • The frame is made of aircraft grade aluminum alloy, which gives the chair maximum strength and durability.

  • It can travel more than 15 miles on a single charge.

  • The design prioritizes safety while still allowing for comfort and convenience.

  • It folds up in less than a second and can be rolled around like a dolly. It easily fits in the trunk of any small car.
    The modern joystick controller is small and simple to use. You can easily remove it for storage or to check the chair as luggage on a plane.
    Both armrests can be raised in order to get closer to tables or to make transfers to other surfaces easier.
    Our unique inward folding footrest allows users to stand or sit in the most convenient position.
    Patented anti-tilt support with hydraulic system reduces the risk of backwards fall while remaining flexible when needed.

  • A durable Air-Breeze seat cushion and backrest allow for more air to flow through, and are detachable for washing.

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