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Electric wheelchair how to distinguish good or bad

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Now there are a lot of electric wheelchairs on the market, but the price is erratic, in the face of such expensive electric wheelchairs, at the end how to distinguish the good and bad of electric wheelchairs? The most important thing about electric wheelchairs is that there are several large parts, so the good and bad are reflected in the good and bad of these parts.

1. Electric wheelchairs are operated by electric power. At the same time, in order to facilitate walking, electric electromagnetism is used, so the quality of electromagnetic is an important part of evaluating the quality of electric wheelchairs. Generally speaking, electromagnetic endurance is very important, as long as the endurance is good, in order to bring the patient home, will not appear halfway without electricity phenomenon.

2. Mobile climbing ability.

That is the power of an electric wheelchair. The main job of an electric wheelchair is to take patients to the place they want to go. If they can't go over a small gully, they will lose the function of the electric wheelchair.

3. The quality of the control panel, that is, whether the electric wheelchair can call him left when using the control panel, he will go left, and he will call him right when using the control panel. At the same time, the patient takes no effort to use it, so the quality of the control panel is also an important standard for the evaluation of the quality of the electric wheelchair.

4. Convenience. whether it can bring convenience to patients, not only in the use but also reflected in the after-sales service.

5 Quality. should not be in the work above the problem, leading to patients in the use of the process of injury. These are the five criteria for the quality of an electric wheelchair, so you don't have to worry about buying an electric wheelchair.