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Finding the Best Cheap Folding Electric Wheelchairs

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Mobility and independence are important for everyone. For individuals with limited mobility due to age, illness, or disability, an electric wheelchair can provide the freedom to get around easily. With today's technology, electric wheelchairs are now more portable and affordable than ever. Folding electric wheelchairs provide added convenience for storage and transport. If you're looking for the best cheap folding electric wheelchairs that don't compromise on quality and features, this comprehensive buyer's guide is for you.

Benefits of Folding Electric Wheelchairs

Folding electric wheelchairs provide a number of advantages over traditional electric wheelchairs:

  • Portability - Folding electric wheelchairs can be quickly and easily folded up for storage or transport in a car. This allows you to take your wheelchair with you anywhere.

  • Space saving - When folded, the wheelchair takes up much less space for storage at home or when traveling. Folding models can fit in car trunks and tight spaces.

  • Convenience - Quickly fold and stow your wheelchair after use instead of taking up space in a room. Easy to transport for errands, trips, and vacations.

  • Affordability - Folding chairs are generally more affordable than full-sized electric wheelchairs. You get the perks of an electric wheelchair without the high costs.

  • Independence - Folding electric wheelchairs allow you to go wherever you want, whenever you want. Experience enhanced mobility at home or on the go.

Key Features to Look for in Folding Electric Wheelchairs

While folding electric wheelchairs offer convenience, you'll want to ensure you choose a model with features to meet your specific mobility needs:

  • Weight capacity - Consider your weight to find a chair with an appropriate weight capacity. Standard capacities range from 250-300 lbs or more.

  • Seat size - Measure the seat width and depth needed to accommodate your body size and comfort. Standard seat widths range from 18-20 inches.

  • Speed - Entry-level folding chairs typically have lower top speeds, while higher-end models may go up to 6 mph. Consider your needs and preferences.

  • Range - The distance you can travel on a single charge. Longer battery ranges provide more flexibility. Standard ranges are 10-25 miles.

  • Battery type - Lithium ion batteries are lightest in weight with longest run times. Sealed lead acid are most affordable but heavier.

  • Terrain handling - Models with larger wheels can better handle uneven outdoor terrain if needed. Front casters affect maneuverability.

  • Portability - Look for quick folding mechanisms and lighter weights for best portability. Consider detachable parts.

  • Comfort features - From seat materials, adjustable armrests, and customizable footplates, prioritize the features you need.

  • Safety features - Reflectors, headlights, and anti-tip wheels enhance safety. Check turning radius and stability.


The Best Budget Folding Electric Wheelchairs

Focusing your search on more affordable folding electric wheelchairs can help you find the right mobility solution while sticking to your budget. Here are some of the best options under $1500:

1. Buzzaround Lite Folding Travel Wheelchair

  • Folding frame for compact storage

  • Weighs only 32 lbs total

  • 250 lb weight capacity

  • 18" seat width, 16" depth

  • 6 mile range per charge

  • Top speed of 3.7 mph

The Buzzaround Lite by Golden Technologies is one of the lightest and most portable chairs. Convenient for travel and tight spaces with impressive performance.

Price: $799

2. Forcemech Navigator Folding Power Chair

  • Aluminum alloy folding frame

  • 265 lb weight capacity

  • Adjustable width and depth seat

  • Up to 15 mile range per charge

  • Top speed of 4 mph

  • LED headlight and taillights

The Forcemech Navigator folds quickly into a compact size while still handling heavier weights. Budget-friendly with good range.

Price: $999

3. Foldawheel PW-1000XL Folding Wheelchair

  • Carbon steel folding frame

  • 22" wide memory foam seat

  • 300 lb weight capacity

  • Up to 19 mile range per charge

  • Top speed of 4 mph

  • 8" front and rear wheels

This extra-large Foldawheel model offers a generously sized seat with an ergonomic design. Excellent range and rugged durability.

Price: $1,099

4. mais tech Foldable Power Wheelchair

  • Aircraft grade aluminum frame

  • Weighs only 50.7 lbs

  • 18" seat width, 17" depth

  • 15.5 mile range per charge

  • Top speed of 4 mph

  • Quick folding/unfolding

This super lightweight mais tech wheelchair is one of the most portable on the market with impressive range. Easy to transport and store.

Price: $1,299

5. Sentire Med Forza D09 Folding Wheelchair

  • Sturdy steel folding frame

  • 18" width, 17" depth customizable seat

  • 300 lb capacity

  • Up to 15.5 mile range per charge

  • Top speed of 4.25 mph

  • 8" drive wheels, 5" casters

The Forza D09 has ergonomic seating for comfort and customizable fittings. Reliable performance with advanced safety features.

Price: $1,399

Factors to Consider When Buying Folding Electric Wheelchairs

Keep these important factors in mind as you select the ideal affordable folding electric wheelchair for your mobility needs:

Daily Usage Needs

Consider how often you will use your electric wheelchair and for what purposes. For occasional, light use, a basic model should suffice. If it's your primary mobility device, invest in higher specifications.

Weight and Portability

The lighter the wheelchair, the easier it is to fold up and transport. Narrower widths also improve portability. Detachable parts like footrests add convenience.

Comfort and Adjustability

Look for padding, lumbar support, adjustable armrests, customizable footplates, and maneuverability to meet your comfort needs. Seat materials like vinyl or mesh affect breathability.

Safety Features

Make sure to check for anti-tip wheels, reflectors, and lights to enhance safety. Parking brakes and seat belts are also important. Carefully inspect stability.

Battery Range

Consider the distances you'll regularly travel. More range provides flexibility but adds weight. Have a charging plan in case you deplete the battery while out.


Most folding electric wheelchairs come with limited lifetime warranties on frames and 1-year warranties on parts like batteries and electronics. Extended warranties may offer extra peace of mind for heavier use.

Local Service

Find a brand with authorized service centers near you in case maintenance is needed. Traveling long distances for repairs can be challenging.


How to Make Your Budget Electric Wheelchair More Comfortable

Finding ways to enhance your comfort in an affordable folding electric wheelchair can help maximize your experience:

  • Add a contour seat cushion for ergonomic posture support and pressure relief

  • Use a seat pad cushion for extra padding if the seat feels too hard

  • Install clip-on adjustable armrest covers for more padding if armrests lack cushion

  • Consider recline or tilt-in-space accessories if within budget constraints

  • Attach a detachable elevating leg rest to better support the legs

  • Use a rollable storage bag to keep essentials like water bottles and phones handy

  • Add a canopy accessory to provide shade from the sun when outdoors

  • Customize with tie-down straps to keep belongs secure during transport

  • Install all-terrain wheels if planning to go off-roading or on uneven surfaces

  • Add crutch/cane holders and oxygen tank holders as needed for accessory storage

With some clever add-ons and accessories, you can personalize an affordable folding wheelchair to maximize comfort and meet your unique needs.


Q: How much do cheap folding electric wheelchairs cost?

A: Entry-level folding electric wheelchairs typically cost between $600-$1500. More advanced models with additional features run from $1500-$2500. Ultra lightweight portable designs can cost up to $3000-$5000.

Q: How far can they travel on a single charge?

A: Average range is 10-15 miles on a single charge. Lower-end models may get 6-10 miles, while higher-end chairs can get 18-25+ miles per charge. Range is affected by rider weight, terrain, and battery output.

Q: Can they be used outdoors?

A: Most folding electric chairs can tackle smooth outdoor surfaces like sidewalks and pavement. Larger wheel models are best for gravel and grass. Not ideal for very rough or uneven terrain.

Q: Do they come apart for transport?

A: Many folding electric wheelchairs feature quick release detachable parts like wheels, footplates, and seat for easy breakdown into smaller pieces for transport in vehicles.

Q: How much do they weigh?

A: Entry models weigh 50-100 lbs. Mid-range folding chairs are 65-80 lbs. The lightest portable power chairs weigh as little as 40 lbs for easiest lifting and transport.

Q: What are folding electric wheelchairs made of?

A: Frames consist of lightweight metals like aluminum, steel, or titanium alloys. Composite materials and ABS plastics help reduce weight. Memory foam, vinyl, nylon, or mesh fabrics used for seating.

Q: How wide do folding power chairs fit through doors?

A: Standard exterior doors are 32 inches wide. Looking for chairs with a width of 26 inches or less when folded will allow you to pass through doors in the folded position.