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How to protect our electric wheelchair in winter

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Entering November also means that the winter of 2022 is slowly kicking in.

Cold weather can shorten the journey of electric wheelchairs, and if you want them to have a long journey, the usual maintenance is indispensable.

When the temperature is very low it affects the battery voltage, causing the battery to become less powerful and the power stored in the electric wheelchair battery to be reduced. A fully charged journey in winter will be roughly 5 km shorter than in summer.


To frequently charge the battery

To charge the battery of the electric wheelchair, it is better to charge the battery when it is half used. Make the battery in a "full state" for a long time, and charge it on the same day after use. If it is left idle for a few days and then charged, it is easy for the pole plate to sulphate and the capacity to drop. After charging is completed, it is best not to immediately cut off the power, and continue to charge for 1-2 hours to ensure that "full charge".

Periodic deep discharge

Many people using electric wheelchairs choose to use as much as they can charge. In winter, it is recommended that you perform a deep discharge once every two months of use, that is, a long ride until the undervoltage indicator flashes and the power is used up, and then charge to restore the battery capacity. You will then be able to see if the current capacity level of the battery needs maintenance


Do not store at a loss of power

If you don't plan to use your power wheelchair in the winter, store it after it is fully charged. This is because storing the battery at a loss of power can seriously affect its service life, and the longer it is left idle, the more serious the damage to the battery will be. When the battery needs to be stored for a long time, it must be fully charged and replenished once a month.

Do not put the electric wheelchair outside

Because in the low temperature environment, the battery is easily damaged, so to prevent the battery from freezing, the electric wheelchair battery can be placed in a higher temperature house when not in use, do not directly placed in the outdoor.


Electric wheelchairs need to pay attention to moisture

When the electric wheelchair encounters rain and snow, wipe it clean in time and dry it before charging; if there is more rain and snow in winter, do not ride into deep water and deep snow to prevent the battery and motor from getting wet.