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Key Features of China Folding Electric Wheelchair

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Folding electric wheelchairs from China provide mobility and convenience for wheelchair users through advanced designs and features. This guide covers folding electric wheelchairs from China in depth including types, key specifications, customization options, benefits, procurement, usage and maintenance.

Overview of China Folding Electric Wheelchair

A folding electric wheelchair from China is a motorized mobility aid that can be collapsed for easy transportation and storage when not in use.

What is a Folding Electric Wheelchair?

A folding electric wheelchair has a frame that can be folded and compacted for portability. It is powered by electric motors and batteries to provide automated mobility to the user.

Key Features of Folding Electric Wheelchair

  • Foldable and adjustable frame for compact storage

  • Electric motor drive for electrically powered movement

  • Joystick or alternative controls for steering

  • Lithium batteries for power supply

  • Adjustable seating for comfort and support

  • Charging port for battery charging

  • Accessories like bags, cushions etc.

Benefits of Chinese Folding Electric Wheelchair

  • Compact size for portability and travel

  • Powered movement without manual propulsion

  • Easy indoor and outdoor maneuverability

  • Low maintenance compared to hydraulic wheelchairs

  • Customizable features and controls

  • Cost-effective import solution

Types of Folding Electric Wheelchairs from China

Chinese manufacturers offer folding electric wheelchairs in various configurations:

Based on Folding Method

  • Bi-fold wheelchairs that fold into a compact, middle-hinged package

  • Tri-fold wheelchairs with multiple hinged sections for smaller folding

Based on User Type

  • Standard folding wheelchairs for average users

  • Heavy duty bariatric wheelchairs for heavier users

  • Customized wheelchairs for special needs

Based on Power Unit

  • Rear wheel drive for optimal maneuverability

  • Mid wheel drive for stability on inclines

  • All wheel drive for maximum terrain handling

Based on Control Interface

  • Joystick control for conventional control

  • Head control, breath control, sip and puff control for users with limited mobility

  • Smart control through tablet or phone apps

Key Specifications of China Folding Electric Wheelchair

Chinese manufacturers offer extensive customizations for folding electric wheelchairs:

Parameter Typical Specification Range
Load Capacity 100 kg to 180+ kg
Battery Capacity 10 Ah to 60 Ah
Travel Range 15 km to 45 km per charge
Maximum Speed 6 km/hr to 10 km/hr
Turning Radius 90° to 360° turning radius
Overall Size 700mm to 850mm width
Folded Size 300mm to 500mm width
Seat Width 400mm standard, up to 650mm wide
Controller Types Joystick, Head, Breath, Smartphone
Charging Time 4 hours to 8 hours
Curb Climbing 60 mm to 100 mm
Customization Seat, controls, accessories

Wheelchair weight, battery capacity, speed and range depend on user weight and desired performance.

Major Applications of Folding Electric Wheelchairs

Folding electric wheelchairs are used for:

  • Daily mobility within homes, outdoors and public spaces

  • Travel mobility in airports, train stations, bus stops etc.

  • Sporting event mobility in stadiums and arenas

  • Hospital and clinic mobility for visiting doctors

  • Shopping mall mobility for shopping access

  • Cruise ship boarding and onboard mobility

  • Tourist destinations like theme parks, zoos etc.

  • Workplace mobility within offices, cubes and corridors

A folding electric wheelchair provides powered mobility when required and easy portability when not needed.

Customization Options for Folding Electric Wheelchairs

Chinese manufacturers provide extensive customization options:

Wheelchair Frame Customization

  • Frame material: Steel, aluminum, titanium, carbon fiber

  • Frame dimensions: As per user height and proportions

  • Frame colors: As per user preference

  • Folding dimensions: Compact, travel size or standard

  • Weight capacity: Standard, bariatric, heavy duty

  • Additional frame accessories: Pouches, bags, oxygen tank holders etc.

Seat Customization

  • Seat dimensions: Width, depth, height adjustments

  • Seat padding: Memory foam, gel, air cushion inserts

  • Seat positioning: Recline, tilt, elevating, leg rest

  • Backrest support: Adjustable lumbar and headrest

  • Seat accessories: Belts, straps, headrest, cushions etc.

Wheel Customization

  • Drive wheel size: 14" to 22" standard sizes

  • Castor wheel size: 6" to 10” standard sizes

  • Wheels material: Aluminum, magnesium, pneumatic, solid

  • Wheel accessories: Hand rims, wheel locks, anti-tippers etc.

Control Customization

  • Joystick mount: Fixed, swing away, height adjustable

  • Joystick: Standard, compact, heavy duty, chin control

  • Alternative controls: Head array, breath control, eye tracking etc.

Electrical Customization

  • Motors: Transaxle, mid-wheel, all-wheel drive

  • Batteries: Capacity, lithium type, removable vs fixed

  • Charger: Off-board, onboard charging

  • Electronics: Bluetooth, remote monitoring, fuses etc.

Benefits of Purchasing Folding Electric Wheelchair from China

Key benefits of importing from China:

  • Highly customizable wheelchairs for specific needs

  • Significant cost savings compared to western suppliers

  • Large production capacity with high quality standards

  • Short delivery times for ready inventories

  • Expertise in electric wheelchair manufacturing

  • Access to wide range of wheelchair components for customization

  • Production flexibility for low order quantities

  • Reliable after-sales support for maintenance and parts

Wheelchair Procurement Process

Follow these steps for easy procurement:

Identifying Needs

  • Understand intended wheelchair application and usage

  • Determine key requirements:

    • User height, weight

    • Indoor, outdoor use

    • Battery range needed

    • Special mobility requirements

Researching Manufacturers

  • Search for reputed electric wheelchair makers in China

  • Shortlist manufacturers with certifications, experience and variety

  • Review company profiles, wheelchair models, capabilities

Comparing Options

  • Check sample wheelchair parameters against requirements

  • Compare quotes for shortlisted models

  • Ask for customizations based on needs

  • Review production timelines

Ordering and Logistics

  • Place production order with manufacturer after finalizing design

  • Complete payment and inspection procedures

  • Coordinate shipping and customs clearance

  • Track wheelchair shipping status for delivery

Post-Delivery Support

  • Check wheelchair thoroughly upon receiving delivery

  • Get training on usage, adjustments and maintenance

  • Understand warranty terms and after-sales service support

  • Setup servicing schedule and spare parts inventory

Careful procurement process results in getting the right specialized wheelchair as needed.

Usage and Maintenance Guide for Folding Electric Wheelchair

Follow these usage tips:

  • Charge batteries fully before first use and after every trip

  • Avoid bumpy roads and inclines exceeding maximum gradient

  • Distribute weight evenly on chair to avoid tipping over

  • Engage wheel locks before transferring in and out of chair

  • Maintain correct tire pressure for comfort and stability

  • Use safety belts to avoid falling from wheelchair while seated

Follow regular maintenance:

Activity Frequency Checks
Tires Weekly Pressure, tread wear, inflation
Battery Monthly Water levels, charge cycles, corrosion
Motors Quarterly Noise, loose connections, wear
Wheels Quarterly Spin freely, locks engaged, bearings
Frame Yearly Tight screws, corrosion, paint chips
Upholstery Yearly Tears, sagging, discomfort

China folding electric wheelchair

Proper usage practices and regular maintenance will maximize wheelchair utility and lifespan.

Troubleshooting Common Folding Wheelchair Issues

Issue Possible Causes Solutions
Reduced range

Defective or aged batter

Under-inflated tires

Brakes engaged

Test battery, replace if faulty

Inflate tires to correct pressure

Ensure brake release

Steering deviation

Uneven tire pressur

 Caster misalignment

Inflate tires evenly

Adjust caster alignment

Squeaking noise

Dry axle and pivot point

Loose frame bolts

Lubricate with WD-40

Tighten loose frame bolts

Wheel vibration

Damaged ri

Defective wheel bearing

Replace damaged wheel

Test and replace bearings

Electrical faults

Loose wirin

Short circuit

Check connections

Inspect wires insulation

Checking for issues and addressing the underlying problem can help restore performance.

Supplier Selection for China Folding Electric Wheelchair

Consider these factors for choosing Chinese wheelchair suppliers:

  • Years of experience in wheelchair manufacturing

  • Types of wheelchairs offered

  • Product certifications held

  • Custom engineering capabilities

  • Production capacity and facilities

  • Quality control and testing processes

  • Pricing and minimum order quantity

  • Order lead times

  • Post-order service and support

  • Previous buyer reviews and ratings

Selecting an established and reliable manufacturer-exporter ensures obtaining a high quality customized folding electric wheelchair from China.


Folding electric wheelchairs from China provide a convenient, customizable and cost-effective mobility solution for special needs users. This guide has covered the variety of folding electric wheelchairs available from China, their specifications, applications, procurement process and usage in detail to help buyers find the ideal wheelchair as per their requirements.


Q: What is the typical range of a folding electric wheelchair?

A: The range is typically 15-30 km on a full charge depending on the battery capacity, user weight and terrain.

Q: How long does a folding electric wheelchair battery last?

A: With proper care and charging practices, the battery will last 1-2 years depending on frequency of use.

Q: Can the wheelchair be used outdoors?

A: Yes, folding electric wheelchairs with appropriate specifications can be used outdoors apart from indoor usage.

Q: What are the transportation options for folding wheelchairs?

A: Folded wheelchairs can be transported in car trunks, taxi/bus boarding, trains and aircraft cargo holds.

Q: Is training required to use the wheelchair?

A: Some orientation training is highly recommended to understand the adjustments and learn safe handling practices.

Q: What are the typical wheelchair velocity settings?

A: Maximum speeds are usually adjustable in the 6 to 10 km/hr range depending on user preference.

Q: What documents are required for customs clearance?

A: Invoice, packing list, shipping bill, customs import declaration are required.

Q: How can manuals and documentation be obtained?

A: Manuals are provided by the supplier in preferred language. Soft copies assist future referencing.

Q: What payment options are available?

A: Payment options include telegraphic transfer, PayPal, letter of credit depending on supplier terms.