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The best choice of wholesale foldable electric wheelchair

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According to Google's search information, many people (including our clients) ask, "What is the best choice of wholesale foldable electric wheelchair?" Well, visualize a foldable electric wheelchair that can deal with lawn, sand, and gravel with ease, travel as much as 100 miles on a single cost, or even ride with a tropical storm. As unlikely as that could appear, one brand is making it all feasible. Baichen Medical 's foldable electric wheelchair are going beyond all expectations as well as changing the movement sector, one foldable electric wheelchair at a time. Here at Movement Direct, At Wheelhair Straight, we are proud to announce that we have become the world's largest wholesaler foldable electric wheelchair.

wholesale foldable electric wheelchair

Upgrade of foldable electric wheelchair battery

Firstly, a prominent topic in the flexibility industry today is lithium battery upgrades. In among our earlier article, Lithium Batteries for foldable electric wheelchair, we discuss the basics of upgrading your foldable electric wheelchair to lithium. Nevertheless, numerous manufacturers have yet to take that first step and harness the possibilities of this upgraded innovation. We have reached an agreement with other lithium battery companies to upgrade your wheelchair battery to lithium battery without worrying about the expiration of the warranty!

Our customers have the alternative of either typical shanty town (secured lead-acid) batteries or Dakota Lithium batteries. The typical run-down neighborhood battery option has a travel variety of around 28 MPC (miles per cost). On the other hand, depending on the size of your lithium battery upgrade, Baichen Medical’s foldable electric wheelchair are now able to travel as much as 100 MPC! Fringe benefits of updating to lithium consist of that they are half the weight of basic SLA batteries, last 4 times as long, and also come with a substantial 11-year service warranty.

Exclusive warranty upgrade - limited time

Alongside our lithium battery upgrades, another special promo we provide is a prolonged supplier's service warranty! One crucial element when buying a foldable electric wheelchair is the total high quality of the unit, manufacturer, and also warranty. Baichen Medical’s foldable electric wheelchairs continue to thrill, flaunting the highest rate of client contentment as well as the lowest amount of cancellations and returns.

Purchase any electric wheelhair through our website with a 2-year free comprehensive warranty.Currently, as a limited-time promotion, we will certainly update it to a 3-year components as well as service agreement totally free! If anything happens to your foldable electric wheelchair, Baichen Medical’s  after-sales department will provide you with support

Final Thoughts

The upgrading of wheelchair batteries, the extension of after-sales warranty and other perfect after-sales guarantee services are enough to prove that we are the best wheelchair wholesaler in the market.Baichen Medical is your best choice of wholesale foldable electric wheelchair.