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BC-EALD4 Lightweight Power Electric Folding Wheelchair For Disabled People

  • Material:Upgrade magnesium aluminum alloy

  • Motor:190W*2 Brushless

  • Battery:24V 8.5Ah Lithium

  • Size(Unfolded):103*57*91cm

  • Size(Folded):74*70*33cm

  • N.W(without battery):14.8KG


Product Description

Introducing the BC-EALD4 Electric Wheelchair: Revolutionizing Mobility with Enhanced Comfort and Performance

Embarking on a journey of innovation and advancement in mobility solutions, Ningbo Baichen proudly presents the BC-EALD4 Electric Wheelchair, a refined iteration of the acclaimed LD3 model. Constructed from premium aviation-grade automotive aluminum alloy, this wheelchair epitomizes durability and dependability. With its upgraded structural framework, it ensures unwavering stability, elevating the user's experience to unprecedented levels of comfort, all while retaining its hallmark lightweight construction.

Unparalleled Stability and Comfort

The BC-EALD4 Electric Wheelchair features an enhanced structural design, offering users an exceptionally smooth and comfortable ride. Engineered with precision, it enables seamless navigation across diverse terrains, providing unmatched stability and support. Designed to harmonize mobility with comfort, it stands as the epitome of convenience for daily use.

Dynamic Performance and Ease of Use

Powered by a compact yet robust motor, this electric wheelchair delivers consistent and reliable performance. Its detachable lithium battery enhances convenience, facilitating effortless charging and hassle-free transportation, even during air travel. Seamlessly blending power with convenience, the BC-EALD4 epitomizes adaptability and practicality for individuals on the move.

Cutting-edge Lightweight Construction

Ningbo Baichen's dedication to lightweight design principles shines through in the BC-EALD4 Electric Wheelchair. Leveraging state-of-the-art structural materials and accessories, the company has crafted a wheelchair that is remarkably light yet exceptionally durable. This innovative approach ensures effortless maneuverability without compromising on strength.

Empowering Mobility and Autonomy

With the BC-EALD4 Electric Wheelchair, Ningbo Baichen reaffirms its commitment to empowering individuals with reliable and effective mobility solutions. Engineered to facilitate travel and foster independence, this electric wheelchair empowers users to navigate their surroundings confidently and with ease. Rooted in user-centric design and functionality, the BC-EALD4 embodies the company's unwavering dedication to enhancing the quality of life for individuals with mobility impairments.

In summary, the BC-EALD4 Electric Wheelchair represents a groundbreaking leap in mobility technology, seamlessly blending stability, comfort, and convenience. With its innovative lightweight design and robust performance, it heralds a new era in mobility, granting users newfound freedom and autonomy to navigate the world with confidence.


Model:BC-EALD4Driving Distance15-20km
MaterialUpgrade magnesium aluminum alloySeatW44*L40*T5cm
Motor190W*2 BrushlessBackrest/
Battery24V 8.5Ah LithiumFront Wheel8inch(Honeycomb wheel)
ControllerImport 360° JoystickRear Wheel12inc(Honeycomb wheel)
Max Loading120KGSize(Unfolded)103*57*91cm
Charging Time4-6hSize(Folded)74*70*33cm
Forward Speed0-8km/hPacking Size70*37*74cm
Reverse Speed0-8km/hG.W.26KG
Turning Radius60cmN.W.(with battery)21KG
Climbing Ability≤13°N.W(without battery)14.8KG


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