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BC-ES6001A-LW Cheap Price Automatic Wheelchair Electric for adults

  • Material:High strength carbon steel

  • Motor:250W*2 Brush

  • Battery:24V 12Ah Lead-acid

  • Size(Unfolded):115*65*95cm

  • Size(Folded):82*40*71

  • N.W(without battery):36KG

Product Description

Introducing the BC-ES6001A-LW: The Timeless Classic Low-Back Steel Electric Wheelchair

Leading Sales in Southeast Asia

Step into the spotlight with the BC-ES6001A-LW, a revered classic low-back steel electric wheelchair dominating sales charts in Southeast Asia. Engineered for stability and dependability during travel, this wheelchair effortlessly tackles diverse terrains. Its timeless design and sturdy steel construction provide a secure and cozy mobility solution for individuals facing mobility challenges.

Tailored Brand Representation

At Ningbo Baichen, we recognize the significance of brand identity. Hence, we offer customizable options for the BC-ES6001A-LW wheelchair, enabling you to align the product with your brand's aesthetics. From hand-picking colors to incorporating logos, adjusting packaging, and refining styling details, we ensure your wheelchair embodies your brand's distinct character.

Stability Redefined for All Terrain

The BC-ES6001A-LW steel electric wheelchair is engineered for enhanced stability, facilitating effortless navigation across various landscapes. Whether traversing rugged outdoor terrains or maneuvering through indoor spaces, this wheelchair promises a smooth and secure ride. Its low-back design guarantees comfort and spinal support, promoting proper posture for users.

Dependable Durability

Crafted from top-grade steel, the BC-ES6001A-LW wheelchair boasts robust construction to endure daily wear and tear. Its longevity is a testament to its reliability, making it a trusted mobility companion for individuals with diverse needs. Coupled with electric functionality, users experience seamless control and maneuverability.

A Trusted Companion in Mobility

With its enduring design, sturdy build, and adaptable features, the BC-ES6001A-LW steel electric wheelchair emerges as a beacon of trust for those prioritizing comfort, stability, and reliability. Whether for personal use or integrated into healthcare facilities, this wheelchair effortlessly combines performance with sophistication, earning its place as a premier choice in the mobility market.


Model:BC-ES6001A-LWDriving Distance20-25km
MaterialHigh strength carbon steelSeatW44*L50*T2cm
Motor250W*2 BrushBackrest/
Battery24V 12Ah Lead-acidFront Wheel10inch(solid)
Controller360° JoystickRear Wheel16inch(pneumatic)
Max Loading130KGSize(Unfolded)115*65*95cm
Charging Time4-6hSize(Folded)82*40*71
Forward Speed0-8km/hPacking Size85*43*78cm
Reverse Speed0-8km/hG.W.55KG
Turning Radius60cmN.W.(with battery)50KG
Climbing Ability≤13°N.W(without battery)36KG


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