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BC-EA5516-SL intelligent Folding Electric Wheelchair Lightweight

  • Material:aluminium alloy

  • Motor:190W*2 Brush

  • Battery:24V 6.6Ah Lithium

  • Size(Unfolded):97*52*91cm

  • Size(Folded):78*52*33cm

  • N.W(without battery):15.9KG

Product Description

Introducing the BC-EA5516-SL: Redefining Mobility with Unmatched Portability and Performance

Unrivaled Portability for Enhanced Freedom

Meet the BC-EA5516-SL, a groundbreaking ultra-light electric wheelchair crafted from premium aluminum alloy, transforming the mobility experience for individuals with restricted movement. Weighing a mere 12.6kg, this wheelchair sets new standards in convenience and portability. Its compact foldable design ensures effortless storage in any space, even snugly fitting into car trunks, enabling users to embrace their active lifestyles unhindered.

Exceptional Discounts for Unbeatable Value

Ningbo Baichen extends unprecedented discounts during this peak purchasing season, making the BC-EA5516-SL an irresistible choice for those seeking a dependable and top-quality electric wheelchair. Despite its discounted price, this wheelchair maintains uncompromising quality, ensuring users receive unmatched value for their investment. This steadfast commitment to excellence epitomizes Ningbo Baichen's dedication to delivering superior mobility solutions.

Powerful Performance for Unrestricted Independence

Equipped with a compact yet robust mini motor, the BC-EA5516-SL delivers exceptional performance, effortlessly navigating diverse terrains. This empowers users to uphold their independence and freedom, whether indoors or outdoors. With its sturdy build and reliable motor, this wheelchair stands as a steadfast and enduring mobility companion for daily use.

Comfort-Driven Design for Effortless Operation

Beyond its lightweight and durable aluminum alloy construction, the BC-EA5516-SL boasts a user-centric design focused on comfort and convenience. Featuring ergonomic seating and intuitive controls, it enables users to operate the wheelchair with ease, enhancing their overall mobility experience. Its sleek and modern aesthetic not only reflects style but also underscores Ningbo Baichen's commitment to merging form with function seamlessly.

In summary, the BC-EA5516-SL electric wheelchair from Ningbo Baichen marks a paradigm shift in the mobility aid landscape. With its featherlight design, potent motor, and user-friendly attributes, it presents a compelling solution for those seeking a portable and reliable electric wheelchair. Paired with unmatched discounts, this product epitomizes exceptional value without compromising on quality, making it the ultimate choice for individuals in pursuit of a versatile and high-performance mobility solution.


Model:BC-EA5516-SLDriving Distance15-20km
Materialaluminium alloySeatW40*L40*T3cm
Motor190W*2 BrushBackrest/
Battery24V 6.6Ah LithiumFront Wheel7inch(Honeycomb wheel)
Controller360° JoystickRear Wheel9inch(Honeycomb wheel)
Max Loading110KGSize(Unfolded)97*52*91cm
Charging Time4-6hSize(Folded)78*52*33cm
Forward Speed0-8km/hPacking Size57*34*73cm
Reverse Speed0-8km/hG.W.22KG
Turning Radius55cmN.W.(with battery)17.2KG
Climbing Ability≤13°N.W(without battery)15.9KG


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