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Explore the World with Basic Electric Wheelchairs by Baichen: Your Ultimate Guide


Electric wheelchairs have revolutionized the mobility of people with disabilities, also the Baichen's product such as mobility scooter transport. They provide an innovative and more comfortable way of getting around, making everyday tasks easier to accomplish. The basic electric wheelchair is designed to provide mobility assistance in the most straightforward way possible. Here, we explore the benefits, usage, safety, quality, and services of basic electric wheelchairs.

Why choose Baichen Basic electric wheelchair?

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Using an electric wheelchair is relatively easy and straightforward, as well as the Baichen's outdoor power wheelchair. First, you need to understand the basic controls, which include the joystick and the speed control knob. Once you have familiarized yourself with the controls, position yourself in the seat and fasten the straps. Ensure you have charged the battery before use, and you are good to go.

How to Use?

Turn on the electric wheelchair by turning the key or flipping the switch, also the electric scooter four wheel from Baichen. Adjust the seat and footrests to ensure you are sitting in a comfortable position. Use the joystick to move the wheelchair in any direction you want to go. To go faster, adjust the speed control knob. Remember to take corners slowly and carefully and use the anti-tip wheels when going uphill.


Electric wheelchairs come with different service packages offered by different companies, identical to Baichen's product motorized mobility chair. Before purchasing an electric wheelchair, ensure you check what the service package covers. It is important to choose a company with reliable and quality service to ensure your wheelchair is always in good condition.

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