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Electric beach wheelchair

Electric Beach Wheelchair: The Ultimate Innovation for Your Beach Experience. 

Are you wanting for the beach but battle to enjoy due to mobility issues? Do you really worry about the security of one's ones being loved limited mobility at the beach? If so, an electric beach wheelchair was the response to all of your worries, the same as Baichen's 4 wheel motorized scooter. Read on for more details.

Features of An Electric Beach Wheelchair:

An electric beach wheelchair is made to deliver independence and freedom to those with limited mobility, as well as the four wheel drive electric scooter produced by Baichen. It is an excellent choice those who desire to enjoy every day at the beach but need difficulty with walking long distances the sand, and inclines.

Why choose Baichen Electric beach wheelchair?

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How to Use?

What you need to do is stay in the chair, strap yourself in with the seat belt, and commence the engine to utilize an electric beach wheelchair, the same as manual electric wheelchair developed by Baichen. The joystick controls the chair's speed and direction, and it is own uncomplicated to work.


We take pride when you look at the quality of our electric beach wheelchairs, just like the Baichen's product called top mobility scooter. Should you encounter any nagging issues with your chair, we now have dedicated team open to help you with any pressing issues that arise.


Our electric beach wheelchairs were created with top-quality materials and designed to last, the same as fold up power wheelchair made by Baichen. The chairs are durable, reliable, and designed to work for specific you.

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