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All terrain electric wheelchair

All Terrain Electric Wheelchair - A Revolutionary Product for many, like all terrain power wheelchair created by Baichen.


All Terrain Electric Wheelchair, including mobility scooter all terrain by Baichen are a type of wheelchair which you can use on any type of area, such as hills, lawn, sand, dirt, rocks, as well as snow. This wheelchairs are running on a power engine and can be controlled manually or via a control and its remote. All Terrain Electric Wheelchair are easy to use and steer, offering an option and its exemplary those who require flexibility support.

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How to use

To make use of an All Terrain Electric Wheelchair, one must very first make sure that the wheelchair batteries tend to be recharged, identical to lightweight electric wheelchair supplied by Baichen. Then, the users should sit in the chair and adjust the seat and footrests to their convenience. The controller and its joystick be placed within effortless reach associated with the individual, additionally the user may then run the chair on and adjust the speed and direction with regards to needs. The consumer should engages the anti-tip procedure and collision avoidance sensors if traveling on uneven landscapes.


All Terrain Electric Wheelchair, along with the lightweight foldable electric wheelchair by Baichen is serviced and preserved like most other little bit of digital equipment. Regular maintenance are advised assuring performance optimal durability. The electric batteries must be charged regularly, together with operator and its joystick other elements ought to be examined periodically to ensure they are functioning properly.

High Quality

All Terrain Electric Wheelchair is made with high-quality materials, making certain this are typically durable, similar to the Baichen's product like transportable electric wheelchair. The structures is constructed of lightweight materials, offering maneuverability and its optimal maintaining strength and security. The rims has durable treads, offering grip excellent any area.

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